Community Reflection

Solidarity And Hope

Pope Francis called on all Christian communities “to engage in a spiritual interpretation of what we have experienced, so they can learn what life can teach and discern perspectives for the future.”

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our world and our way of life. It rapidly affected in a relatively short time how we minister, how we worship, and how we relate to others, both in the community and in ministry. All of this has implications for the future of the Church and our Congregation. The General Council, in collaboration with the Consecrated Life Commission, is pleased to present a video resource to assist us in the process of a deeper reflection on how God continues to be manifested in the midst of the pandemic and the transformation of our religious lives, ministries, communities, countries, and world.

We give thanks to Bishop Jorge Izaguirre, C.S.C, Br. Mark Knightly, C.S.C., and Fr. Shiju Joseph, C.S.C. for producing the videos. We offer the following discussion questions for your personal reflection or communal discussions in English, French and Spanish. We have included the text from Bishop Jorge Izaguirre, C.S.C.'s presentation also in English, French and Spanish as well as personal reflections from Fr. Shiju Joseph and Br. Mark Knightly.

Discussion Questions

Text of the Presentation of Bishop Jorge Izaguirre, C.S.C.

Reflections from Fr. Shiju Joseph, C.S.C.

Reflections from Br. Mark Knightly, C.S.C.