Christmas: Let Us Rejoice

Author: Fr. Jean-Vital Blaise, C.S.C.

Nativity Scene

The hymn to the Logos relates with well-chosen words the greatest miracle of salvation history: the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us (Jn 1:14). Joyfully, as the Holy Cross family, let us live and let us enter into the dynamism of this great feast which brings endless happiness that even the powerful boundaries of the darkness of time could not hold back: Christmas. In fact, the long-awaited Messiah has come to renew our pained hearts by filling us with his indescribable joy and eternal peace. In him alone, and in no one else, is salvation found (Acts 4,12). All the world over, among all the names given to men, there is no other by which we can saved: Emmanuel.

Indeed, since its creation, the Logos takes part in every creature’s life. Incarnation expresses by this free movement of descending the whole gift of the Person of the Word to the world in a second creation. Jesus changes definitively the fate of humanity, of our existence. To every man, to every woman, He gives, from that moment on, hope, reviving it daily. That’s the reason why, on this day in which the redeemer and savior was born, all the creation is celebrating. No creature can stand aside or apart.    

In fact, Christmas, it’s all about joy! It is a joy that overflows and at the same time renews the meaning of life on earth. And, since last Sunday, when we lit the fourth candle, it was the sign that we have ended our cycle of waiting, of our preparation to take a new step. For even today, God, through his son Jesus, makes himself one of us—a mystery of incarnation, a mystery of abandonment and love—and chooses to dwell in the depths of our hearts. Christmas remains a unique event that involves the poor, country woman giving up her life project by making her own the cause of human salvation.

Mary And Jesus

The liturgy, with rich texts, has helped us to relive the history of the Chosen People, to review its great moments through the witness of prominent figures from the Old and New Testaments. The hope and courage of this People are truly praiseworthy. As the fruit of meditating on these texts, we have reached a better understanding of God’s love for us, seeing his face again, feeling his hands that protect and guide us. In other words, these pages have allowed us to review our own lives and to highlight every sign of affection from him towards us.

This time of preparation has been developed in the particular context of 2021. In addition to COVID-19 that represents the drama of this decade, every nation, every people has had—or even still has—to deal with its specific problems, its troubles, its moments of tension, which frustrate our hopes as human beings. More often, it is the mismanagement of our common home that hits us hard. Either way, as Church, as Congregation, we form one single body. We might be shaken by all kinds of problems and difficulties. Nevertheless, Christmas remains forever and always a new beginning. The Lord invites himself into our human fragility, strengthens us, and leads us in our pilgrimage, in our mission as Holy Cross.

Pope Francis at Christmas Mass

On this great day, the best way to respond to this manifestation of love is by blessing His Most Holy Name. To us who form this family, similar to that of Nazareth, he confides to us that he is with us, that he accompanying us. Let us join our voices to those of the holy angels in praising his name for all the graces and benefits received. Let us keep this unbreakable hope that the earth, in these days, will find its peace. May our Church be renewed and more engaged in her mission of spreading light to the whole world. 

And finally, it falls to us to act with even more zeal in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to us so that the God of the Newborn, Jesus, may be known, loved and served.

Merry Christmas and, already happy new year!!!

This reflection for Christmas was written by Fr. Jean-Vital Blaise, C.S.C., who is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Province in Haiti. He serves as the Executive Secretary to the Provincial Superior while he also engages in advanced studies in Information Technologies.