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Spes Unica

To serve with zeal “to make God known, loved, and served, and thus save souls” – that was the charge that Blessed Basile Moreau, our founder, gave the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Moreau founded the Congregation on March 1, 1837, in Sainte-Croix, which at the time was a small village outside of Le Mans, France. We are an apostolic religious congregation composed of two distinct societies of religious brothers and religious priests “bound together in one indivisible brotherhood.”

Throughout our history, our mission has been to share in the Church’s mission by working as educators in the faith. In all of our ministries, whether schools, parishes, or other works of missionary outreach and social justice, we serve side-by-side with our collaborators through educating hearts and minds and building communities of the coming kingdom.

Today, the Congregation of Holy Cross consists of over 1,200 perpetually professed religious brothers and religious priests. Through our vowed religious life, our apostolic work, and our conviction that “the cross is our only hope,” we strive to be men with hope to bring in the 5 continents in which we live and serve.

The Congregation is under the leadership of Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C., the 14th Superior General in the history of Holy Cross. Along with his assistants on the General Council, they oversee the 16 Provinces, Districts, and Vicariates that constitute the Congregation.


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