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The Congregation arrived to Rome, Italy, in 1850 at the personal request of Pope Pius IX to educate the city’s orphans. Blessed Basile Moreau himself accompanied the first brothers to the new mission that year. Three years later in 1853 a house of studies opened as well, and since then Rome has been a place of study for Holy Cross religious. 

In 1954 the Congregation’s General Administration moved to Rome and, with the exception of a period when it was located in the United States, the Eternal City has remained the home to the international leadership of the Congregation. 

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St. Joseph: God's Dream

Author: Mr. Stéfan Thériault

Mr. Stéfan Thériault, the Director of Le Pèlerin in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada reflects on how St. Joseph inspires us to live God's Dream for our lives.

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St. André Bessette

St. André Bessette

While hailing from Quebec, Canada, St. André Bessette, the Congregation’s first saint, has truly become an international man with parishes, health clinics, and other social outreach and justice ministries dedicated to him across the world. 

Fr. Diego Irarrazaval, C.S.C., from Chile, reflects on the tremendous testimony of St. André’s prayer and healing ministry from the perspective of Latin America, writing that “his ministry was inserted into the religiosity of the poor, and from there, he communicated the Gospel of the mistreated Jesus, who is the only Savior.”

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