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Tamil Nadu, India


France is the birthplace of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Within three years of his founding of Holy Cross in 1837, Blessed Basile Moreau was sending missionaries not just around the French countryside, but around the world.

Today the Congregation continues to work in schools and parishes in France. Holy Cross also welcomes pilgrims to its conventual church, Notre Dame de Sainte Croix, which was built by Moreau and now serves as the International Shrine dedicated to his spiritual legacy.

Holy Cross Ministries in France



Our Lady of Sorrows in St George's College, Chile

St. Joseph

The Holy Cross brothers were entrusted to St. Joseph so that, like all Christians, they could emulate his faithfulness. St. Joseph was Jesus’ everyday teacher, we see the impact of his deep faith and compassion in Jesus’ life.

Let us go to Joseph, that we might also receive the legacy of faith that he passed on to Jesus. 

Reflection by Fr. Aaron Michka, C.S.C.