Congregation Launches Social Media Promoting Its Causes for Sainthood

Author: General Administration

"Friends of Moreau" Facebook page

The Congregation of Holy Cross has launched ages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn promoting the causes for canonization of its founder, Blessed Basile Moreau, and other holy men.

The pages’ name, “Friends of Moreau”, has a double meaning: It refers first to the Congregation’s other men in the process of canonization, who are friends of Moreau, but it also refers to all of those who seek wisdom, inspiration, and guidance from Blessed Basile Moreau, as they, too, are his friends.

The pages are overseen by Br. Adolf Mugume, C.S.C., Generalate Director of Communications, in collaboration with the Congregation’s Consecrated Life and Heritage Commission.

Br. Adolf Mugume, C.S.C.

Besides sharing prayers, information, and reflections on the Congregation’s founder and our other men in the canonization process, the pages seek to unite a worldwide community of Friends of Moreau in praying for favors through his intercession. Several favors have already been received by people whose prayer intentions were shared on the pages.

“The power of the media in shaping public opinion and influencing attitudes cannot be underestimated,” said Br. Mugume. “By occupying the media space to visualize our founder we can effectively foster meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds to join us in praying for favors through his intercession, to make known our other Holy Cross heroes,and topromote charism and spirituality.”