Easter: Transformed by the Resurrected Christ

Author: Fr. Robert Baker, C.S.C.

Crucifix at Easter 300

On that first Easter morning, Christ, resurrected in eternal glory, emerged from the tomb, and no one else was there. His followers were in hiding, confused and leaving town. Jesus had called, inspired, and invited them to his work, but his death blocked their faith in him.

Our Risen Lord accepted the situation and began looking for them, to move them again to his side in confirmation of their being truly chosen to share and assume his work as salvation in a new and powerful spirit.

The Resurrected Christ in his personal, transcendent spiritual power  shares in his chosen disciple and followers his only divine life. Christ becomes truly savior through the gift of faith, hope, and love whose interpersonal intensity binds them to his new life in sacred indwelling, thus transforming his chosen ones into people of community to speak, cure, and chare Christ's life here and love, and later on forever.

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Lord Jesus, thank you for the future that you promise me. Thank you for knowing that my pilgrim life is only temporal. Thank you for knowing that you are the meaning of my life.

Renewal of Baptismal Promises at the Easter Vigil

Thank you, Lord, for helping me recognize that I am your instrument and that all that I do I need to put in your hands, trusting in your promise ... for where your heart is I want my heart to be. Give me the strength and the courage to follow you.

This reflection for Easter was written by Fr. Roberto Baker, C.S.C., a member of the Congregation's District of Chile-Peru. Fr. Roberto as dedicated most of his priesthood in Holy Cross to serving the people of Peru, including through Family Rosary.