Generalate Installs Solar Panels

Author: General Administration

Solar panels at Generalate2023

During the month of July, the Holy Cross Generalate finished the installation of solar panels on the building's roof on Via Framura. The project was overseen by Fr. Jack Ryan, C.S.C., General Steward, and Mr. Paride Stefanucci, Director of Maintenance.

While still awaiting the final regulatory approval to turn on the system, once operational, the panels should provide for most of the electricity needs of the Generalate and thus reduce its carbon footprint. Any excess electricity produced by the panels would be sold back to the grid.

The solar panels’ installation is in keeping with the spirit of the Congregation’s recent General Chapter in 2022, which described Laudato Si' as “a clarion call to humanity … to care for all creation, our common home” (Preamble, Mission, and Ministries) and called upon local communities and members of Holy Cross to reflect and act on the encyclical (Rec 42).