Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward's University Holds 10th Anniversary Convocation

Author: General Administration

The 2015 Convocation of the Holy Cross Institute

Approximately 200 Holy Cross educators gathered in Austin, Texas, March 27-29, for the 10th anniversary convocation of The Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward’s University. The participants were from Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Italy, Uganda, and the United States.

Also in attendance were the Superior General and Vicar General of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Fr. Richard Warner, C.S.C., and Br. Thomas Dziekan, C.S.C, as well as the Congregational Leader for the Marianites of Holy Cross, Sr. Ann Lacour, M.S.C.

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The theme of this anniversary Convocation was “Following the Footsteps – Forging the Future: Celebrating Holy Cross Education around the World.” Through keynote presentations, workshops, and group discussions, the participants explored various dimensions of providing a Holy Cross education in the 21st century, including perspectives from administrators and board members. The participants represented Holy Cross’ involvement in primary, secondary, and higher education.

Br Donald Blauvelt, CSC, the Executive Director of the Holy Cross Institute at the 2015 Convocation

Presentations were also made on the International Shrine of Basile Moreau in Le Mans, France, and the annual International Sessions in Holy Cross Spirituality as resources for educators.

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Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C, Executive Director of Holy Cross Institute, summed up the sentiments of many participants: “What I really found unique about the 10th Anniversary Convocation was the spirit of unity and family among Holy Cross educators from around the world. I think we can get an inkling of what Blessed Basile Moreau believed we could accomplish in a unified family of Holy Cross.”

The mission of the Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward’s University is to build a community of educators by providing: 1) information about Holy Cross vision and values; 2) formation in those values; 3) application of those values by board members, administrators, faculty and staff to promote the transformation of students.

Special thanks to Br. Joel Giallanza, C.S.C., Associate Executive Director of The Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward’s University, for submitting this article.