International Session on Holy Cross Spirituality Set to Begin

Author: General Administration

International Session in Le Mans

From June 17 to July 1, 40 Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters from the four Congregations founded by Blessed Basile Moreau will gather at the historical site of Holy Cross's founding to discover the roots of their common heritage as well as to look toward the future in light of this heritage.

They are going to attend the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans, France, sponsored by the Marianites of Holy Cross. This year’s pilgrimage has been specially planned for Holy Cross religious who made their Perpetual Profession in the past 5 or 6 years. 

During the two-week pilgrimage, the participants will engage in conferences and dialogue on the heritage and charism of Holy Cross. The conferences will focus on key persons in the founding and establishment of the Congregations and the respective roles they played. Time is also set aside for reflection and sharing on the spirituality of Holy Cross and its application within the ministerial undertakings of the Congregations.

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Parish Church in Ruillé-sur-Loir

Some of the highlights will be visits to those sites that have significance relative to the community's history and heritage. As part of their pilgrimage, the participants will visit Laigné-en-Belin, the birthplace of Blessed Basile Moreau; Ruillé sur Loir, where Rev. Jacques Dujarié served as pastor and where he founded the Brothers of Saint Joseph and the Sisters of Providence; the Solitude of the Savior, the home of the Marianites of Holy Cross; and the Church of Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix, which was founded by Moreau and where his remains are enshrined.

In addition to these Holy Cross sites, the group will also visit the Abbey of Solesmes and Le Grande Trappe. These are two places of spiritual significance for Moreau, as he personally went to those places for guidance and prayer.

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On Sunday, June 23, the participants will walk from the retreat center where they will reside during the program to the parish Church of Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix. There, they will gather for Morning Prayer and the celebration of Mass with the parishioners. They will return to the conventual church later in the week to celebrate Mass together at the tomb of Blessed Basile Moreau and to renew their vows.

The coordinating committee for this pilgrimage for young Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters began its work in April 2012. The congregational representatives are: Sr. Renee Daigle, M.S.C., for the Marianites; Sr. Betty Roy, C.S.C., for the Sisters of Holy Cross; Sr. Sharlet Wagner, C.S.C., for the Sisters of the Holy Cross; and Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C., for the Congregation of Holy Cross. Among those who will present conferences and lead dialogue sessions are four members of the Congregation of Holy Cross: Br. Joel Giallanza, C.S.C., Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C., Rev. Thomas Looney, C.S.C.,, and Rev. Jean Proust, C.S.C.. Rev. Gregory Haake, C.S.C., will serve as a French-English translator.