New Display of Holy Cross Heritage

Author: General Administration

New Holy Cross Heritage Display in Rome

After months of soliciting and gathering various artifacts from Canada, the United States, France, Bangladesh, and Uganda, Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C., Vicar General and First General Assistant, has completed a long-desired project to showcase the lives of our holy men and women of Holy Cross.

Several relics and personal items from Blessed Basile Moreau, Mother Mary of the Seven Dolors, Fr. Jacques-François Dujarié, St. André, Venerable Patrick Peyton, Blessed Marie-Leonie Paridis, and Servants of God, Brother Flavian, Archbishop Ganguly, and Bishop McCauley are now prominently exhibited in a custom-made cabinet with LED lighting in the Holy Cross Generalate in Rome.

Some of the artifacts exhibited include:

  • the remains from the coffins of Father Moreau and Mother Mary of the Seven Dolors;
  • Father Moreau’s instrument of discipline and mission cross;
  • actual signatures of Father Moreau and St. André;
  • a hat worn by Br. André;
  • the personal Sunday missal of Bishop McCauley;
  • the last valid passport of Brother Flavian; and
  • a piece of the cassock of Fr. Jacques-François Dujarié.
New Holy Cross Heritage Display in Rome

As Vice-Postulator for our Holy Cross causes of saints, Br. Paul hopes this display, will inspire and deepen our devotion to those whose holiness we revere in Holy Cross.

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“Some of these relics have been locked in the safe at the Generalate for years,” Br. Paul explained. “Relics, however, are intended for public veneration so that they may inspire those who view them to a greater holiness in their own lives.”

Knowing how precious these items are, he is grateful to all of those who have contributed to this exhibit from their archives. Br. Paul says that this exhibition will be ongoing as he continues to search for more artifacts, especially from Fr. Jacques-François Dujarié, Venerable Patrick Peyton, and Servant of God, Archbishop Ganguly. In fact, he has left one shelf empty in anticipation of the declaration of the Congregation’s next Servant of God.