Peruvian School Dedicates Annual Soccer Cup to 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Author: General Administration

Holy Cross’s Fe y Alegría 25 School in Canto Grande

As part of the year of celebrations marking the 150th Anniversary of Blessed Basile Moreau’s entry into eternal life, the Congregation of Holy Cross’s Fe y Alegría 25 School in Canto Grande has dedicated its annual Santa Cruz Cup to commemorating the anniversary.

Every September the school, located in the poor outskirts of Lima, Peru, celebrates the “Mes de la Congregación de Santa Cruz.” The month is dedicated to spreading the Congregation’s history, spirituality, and charism among the students.

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Holy Cross’s Fe y Alegría 25 School in Canto Grande

In the soccer-loving nation of Peru, one of the most popular activities is the Santa Cruz Cup, in which male and female students face off against each other to be crowned soccer champions. Each grade represents a country where Holy Cross serves in the world, as well as two countries where Holy Cross used to serve in mission: Poland and Algeria. There are also two important cities represented: Le Mans in France, where the Congregation was founded, and South Bend in Indiana in the United States where the University of Notre Dame is located.

This healthy sports competition, which provided a wider learning opportunity about Holy Cross, is organized by the school’s campus ministry office. It began on August 14 so has to fit all the games in before the championships on September 29.

“In the spirit of Father Moreau, whose legacy we honor this year in a special way, we seek to educate and form the hearts, minds, and hands of our students,” said Fr. Jim Gutiérrez, C.S.C., Director of Campus Ministry. “The Santa Cruz Cup really energizes our school while giving our students a chance to grow in their faith and knowledge of Holy Cross.”