Saint-Laurent Parish in Quebec Celebrates 300 Years

Author: General Administration


St. Laurent Parish celebrated the 300th anniversary of its canonical establishment by the governor of New France in the name of King Louis XIV on September 20, 2020, with a special Mass celebrated by the Pastor, Fr. Denis Marchand, C.S.C. Fr. Pierre Labine, C.S.C, the Parochial Vicar, served as the master of ceremonies.

The Congregation of Holy Cross arrived in Saint-Laurent in 1847. After a visit by Father Moreau in 1857, an agreement was made with the Bishop of Montreal that Holy Cross would assume responsibility of the parish. As a result, Holy Cross has faithfully served the Saint-Laurent parish community since 1863.

In honor of this milestone, Mme. Christine St-Pierre, a member of parliament, presented the Medal of Honour of the National Assembly, which was accepted by Fr. Marchand on behalf of the parish community. Also in attendance at the Mass was Mr. Alan D’Sousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent, and two of his Councilors, Mr. Aref Salem and Mr. Francesco Miele.

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Earlier in June of this year, the Congregation's Province Canadienne moved its house of formation to the large presbytery at the Saint-Laurent. The purpose of the move was to provide more space for the growing number of international scholastics in Quebec and to strengthen the Holy Cross presence within the Saint-Laurent pastoral unit. Fr. Frank Wagner, C.S.C., serves as the Director of the formation program.