St. Edward's University Dedicates a Reflective Garden to the Brothers of Holy Cross

Author: General Administration

Dr. George Martin, Ph.D., president of St, Edward’s University, dedicated to the Brothers of Holy Cross a campus prayer garden

Dr. George Martin, Ph.D., President of St, Edward’s University, dedicated to the Brothers of Holy Cross a campus prayer garden in commemoration of the their inspiration, dedication, and service in making the University what it is today.

At the request of Dr. Martin, the garden is intended to be a “visual reminder” of the endurance of the Holy Cross mission at the University, which has been strengthened by the life and witness of the brothers.

Adorned by the statues of St. André Bessette and St. Joseph, the garden is situated in front of the former brothers’ residence, St. Joseph Hall, where the statues once stood as a sign of welcome. Although still in its early stages of formation, the garden, designed by a horticultural architect, is surrounded by cherry laurel hedges and multi-trunk, Mexican redbud trees. A ring of granite, with inscribed inspirational quotes from Fr. Jacques Dujarié, circles the center of Mexican feathergrass and four-nerve daisies creating a space for prayerful remembrance and reflection.

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Prayer Garden St. Edward's University

In his tribute to the brothers, Dr. Martin said that since 1948 when the late Br. Edmund Hunt, C.S.C., became the first brother to be University President, the brothers created a “distinct culture” on campus. The brothers “were woven into the fabric of the community and through their love, caring, generosity, humility, and by the example of their spirituality, and by meeting people where they are in the Holy Cross tradition, they converted the whole community to their ways and values. This legacy defines St. Edward’s today.” 

The garden was blessed by Fr. Peter Walsh, C.S.C., Director of Campus Ministry, who was assisted by Br. Larry Atkinson, C.S.C. 

Fr. Peter Walsh, CSC and Br. Larry Atkinson, CSC bless Reflective Garden at St. Edward's University 

In his closing reflections, Br. Thomas Dziekan, C.S.C., Provincial of the Moreau Province, stated, “Although St. Joe Hall is no longer a home to the brothers we bring a very important piece of that home here in this garden in front of St. Joe Hall.”

Br. Thomas went on to reflect how the garden is a “symbol of the brothers’ contributions and presence and the grace that we have received from this institution … our colleagues and friends, those with whom we worked and taught, and their families. This garden is a remembrance of this grace.” 

Br. Nich Perez, C.S.C., captured this entire “grace-filled remembrance” on film which may be accessed here.