A Beacon of Faith and Hope

Br. Sesuraj, C.S.C.

Br Nelson, CSC, at Holy Cross School, Salem

The only way people in India can break free from the shackles of poverty, ignorance, social injustice and disparity is by receiving a high quality education. Our school in Salem, Tamil Nadu, is doing its part. The school was founded in 1962 with just six students. Today it serves more than 4,000, providing each of them with an education of the heart and mind and inspiring them to become responsible citizens of their country.

Our work in India is not new. The brothers of Holy Cross in India trace our origin to the East Bengal Mission initiated by none other than our founder, Blessed Basile Moreau, in 1853. Several brothers from Canada – Brothers Gilbert Boucher, Godfrey Denis, Paul Lemieux, and Aurele Tessier, among others – set foot in Northeastern India at the direction of Moreau and laid the foundation from which Holy Cross spread to other parts of the country and became a beacon of hope and faith for thousands of students and others from the disadvantaged strata of Indian society.

Br Maria Suresh, CSC, at Holy Cross School, Salem

The comprehensive nature of the education provided at Holy Cross, Salem, is a living example of the vision of our founder and his instructions to touch people’s lives. Any child who enters this school leaves with values instilled and character formed. This has led to many parents calling upon us to open institutions of this kind all over India.

By adhering to Blessed Moreau’s vision and trusting in his intercession, we will continue to respond to the crying needs of Indian society.

Br. Sesuraj, C.S.C., is the Superior of the Vicariate of India, Brothers (Bangalore, Karnataka).


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