Life of Fr. Dujarié

In many ways, the story of the Congregation of Holy Cross begins with Fr. Jacques-François Dujarié, a priest of the Diocese of Le Mans, France. Enrolled in seminary when the French Revolution began, Dujarié had to complete his seminary studies clandestinely. Ordained in secret, he carried out his first years of priestly ministry underground. After the French Revolution ended, in 1820, Fr. Dujarié founded the Brothers of St. Joseph to respond to the immense educational needs of the French countryside. Seventeen years later those same Brothers of St. Joseph united with the Auxiliary Priests brought together by Blessed Basile Moreau to establish what we now know as the Congregation of Holy Cross.

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Fr. Jacque Dujarié, C.S.C.

Biography on the Life of Fr. Jacque Dujarié

Fr. Jacques-François Dujarié was a key figure in the foundation of the Congregation of Holy Cross. His heroic determination to serve the material and spiritual needs of the poor in France helped to lay the groundwork for the mission of Holy Cross throughout the world.

Fr. Jacque Dujarié, C.S.C.

Quotes from and about Fr. Dujarié

“Insist that the Brothers teach the students religion and virtue, and that they bring them to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.” That is just one of a number of quotes that reveal the deep faith and spirituality of Fr. Dujarié.