Drawing Others into Service

Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C.

Br John Perron, CSC

When I arrived at my first teaching assignment in Long Beach, California, I had been taught very little about Holy Cross education and what made it unique. I quickly learned from the religious and others with whom I worked there.

It took many more years, however, for me to be able to put that knowledge into meaningful words: a Holy Cross school is a particular expression of Catholic social teaching, which is meant to bring hope to people and transform the world.

Throughout my life as a Holy Cross religious, I have experienced schools and educators bringing hope in various ways: taking in and educating Cuban refugees in Florida; offering the experience of service learning in Queens; making a commitment to families of migrant farm workers in Texas; building a program for the educationally disadvantaged in Maryland; inviting minorities into the school and building a total support program for them in California; modeling what was possible after Katrina in New Orleans.

Br Nich Perez, CSC, with Friends

This outreach to those who need us most characterizes all our ministries – educational, social, pastoral, and parochial. Our mission in the United States is to transform the lives of those with whom we work. In the same way that a Holy Cross school without a service dimension makes little sense, all of our ministries are meant to draw others to service.

By transforming lives we believe we will change society and make the world a better place for all than it is today. That is the hope we strive to bring.

Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C., is a member of the Moreau Province (Austin, Texas).


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