December 9, 1767 – Born in Rennes-en-Grenouilles, the first child of Jacques and Francoise Dujarié
1789 – Studying in Sulpician seminary in Angers when French Revolution breaks out
March 1790 – Returns to Rennes after the seminary disbands and soon begins moving from village to village in disguise to assist priests who remained loyal to the Roman Catholic Church
July 1795 – Resumes his studies for the priesthood in secret with Rev. de la Haye, the Pastor in Ruillé-sur-Loir
December 26, 1795 – Secretly ordained a priest in Paris by Bishop Mailié de Tour-Landry and afterward returns to Ruillé to work alongside Fr. de la Haye through the end of the Revolution (1799)
March 2, 1803 – Appointed Pastor in Ruillé-sur-Loir
1804 – Forms a group of pious women in his parish, who become the Sisters of Providence, to educate the youth and tend to the sick
1806 – Builds the “Little Providence” as the home for the Sisters of Providence
1818 – Approached by fellow priests at diocesan retreat to found a group of teaching brothers to provide education in rural parishes
1820 – The first Sisters of Providence make Profession of Final Vows
September 1820 – Establishes the Brothers of St. Joseph when he receives the first three young men into the community
1822 – Dedicates the “Grand Providence” as the new home for the Sisters of Providence
1823 – Invites Rev. Basile Moreau to give the annual retreat to the Brothers of St. Joseph
1834 – Sisters of Providence receive formal confirmation of their Rules by Bishop Bouvier of the Diocese of Le Mans
August 31, 1835 – Through Bishop Bouvier, turns over the Superiorship of the Brothers of St. Joseph to Moreau as his health continues to fail
August 1836 – The first Brothers of St. Joseph make their Profession of Final Vows
October 1836 – Moves in with the brothers in Sainte-Croix
March 1, 1837 – Brothers of St. Joseph joined by Moreau with his Auxiliary Priests to form the Association of Holy Cross
February 17, 1838 – Dies in Sainte-Croix at the age of 70

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