Servant of God Br

July 27, 1907 – Born in St.-Louis-de-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada, the seventh child of nine to Honoré Laplante and Louise Théroux, and given the name Doria
August 15, 1923 – Receives the religious habit and takes the name Flavian
August 16, 1924 – Makes his Profession of First Vows and is assigned to study at St. Joseph’s Scholasticate
August 16, 1928 – Makes his Profession of Final Vows and is assigned to Notre Dame College as a teacher and supervisor of a dorm
October 17, 1932 – Departs for the Congregation’s mission in East Bengal 
December 1, 1932 – Arrives to Chittagong
1933 – Assigned to the Congregation’s new high school in Padrishibpur, St. Alfred’s High School, and serves as a teacher and dorm supervisor for almost two years before becoming principal
1936 – Transferred to Noakhali to be principal of its mission school, the first in a series of transfers over the ensuing years
May 1942 – Goes to Chittagong to assist upon receiving word that the Japanese Army is conducting air raids
1943-1944 – Severe famine strikes the land and he sets up a soup kitchen and medical clinic, primarily for Hindus, in Chittagong
1945-1946 – Establishes a program to build fishing boats for the fishermen whose boats had been commandeered during World War II and eventually founds the Kalidaha Fishing Project to help them motorize their boats and learnhe technical skills to build and repair their boats
1945-1946 – Builds an orphanage at Diang for the orphans from the Chakati Refugee Camp and opens a school for the orphans and the kids in the surrounding area
August 1947 – Partition of British India into India and Pakistan
1957 – Reassigned, due to disagreements over his work with the fishermen, to Noahkali
June 1962 – Returns to Diang, renames the settlement Miriam Asharam or the “Marian hermitage” after the Hindu tradition for holy places, and begins a series of development and educational projects
March 26, 1971 – Bangladesh Liberation War breaks out, resulting in Bangladesh become a sovereign nation
1975 – Founds the Kalidaha Project to provide technical training to fishermen
December 24, 1976 – Adopts the life of a hermit, living in an ashram (or hermitage) 1,500 from the brothers’ residence in Diang
October 1, 1978 – Installs a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes on the hill of his ashram
February 11, 1979 – Organizes a day of prayer and feast in honor of Mary, a celebration that continues today
June 19, 1981 – Dies at the age of 73


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